Stockman & Holt Photography 1st class BA (Hons)

An idea formed by two close friends who met at University, whilst studying for a BA (Hons) in Photography, where they each gained a 1st class BA(Hons) in the subject. Carren and Emma believed in providing an extremely high quality, contemporary photographic Wedding service, producing images that were able to 'stand out from the crowd', aiming for a unique set of images, perfect for the modern bride.

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Working in a team of two, enables them to produce, stunning contemporary photography, this all so means, they never need to rush and small details are captured, which can normally be missed by other photographers. They have an ability to understand & respect where each others strength lies, this often results in their own individual talents, strengths and skills being showcased.

Paul & Andrea

Stockman & Holt Photography also provide an engagement/ pre wedding shoot and are well known for their beautiful and contemporary cherish the dress shoots. They also provide further 'add on services' to create a completely bespoke wedding photography package. For them each wedding is unique and each wedding is photographed with a great deal of care and attention.

Jessie & Damian

The team covers the whole of the North West, Cumbria, North Wales, Cheshire and further a field, subject to travel costs.

The team is made up of; Carren Stockman 1st class BA (Hons) & Emma Holt 1st class BA (Hons).

Carren Stockman 1st class BA (Hons).

Specialising in contemporary studio photography, working with families and children, Carren has an ability to connect with her portraiture and each family she works with and is also known for her beautiful beauty portraiture, also taken in the studio. Carren has had several exhibitions, showcasing her contemporary and creative dance photography often printing her work on fabric, this has made for unique and original finished images. Carren's exhibitions include locations such as : Blackpool, Burnley North West and London.
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Emma Holt 1st class BA (Hons).

Specialising in contemporary black and white/monochrome photography. Emma holds regular landscape photography workshops and sells many prints to local venues/businesses. Emma has an ability to respond to her environment around her, resulting in truly atmospheric and emotional images, this can also be seen in her location portraiture. Emma will be appearing in the Professional image maker magazine and the Lancashire magazine. She was awarded the Foundation Degree award 2011. Emma's exhibitions include: Cape Town- South Africa, Burnley, London, Lancaster and Ormskirk.
Emma Holt Photography BA(Hons)
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